And then there’s this from Big League Politics….

‘No Justice, No Pride’: Antifa Calls For DC LGBTQ Celebration To Be ‘Held Hostage’

In the latest display of the left eating each other, antifa groups are now calling for the Capital Pride celebration to be “held hostage.”

The disruption — being organized by No Justice No Pride (NJNP), GetEqual, ResistThis, and various members of antifa — calls for the celebratory event to be shut down if the organizers refuse to cave to the ragtag group’s demands.

“Once again, Capital Pride has demonstrated that it is fundamentally unwilling to address its role in perpetuating systems of oppression that harm the communities it claims to represent,” Emmelia Talarico, one of the lead organizers of NJNP and ResistThis said in a press release. “Negotiation is clearly not working. It is time to escalate and create the Pride we want to see — one free of corporate sponsorship that does not collaborate with law enforcement, and is spearheaded by the most marginalized in our communities.”

In the joint press release, the group claimed that they would hold their own separate event — yet on Twitter, members of the groups have been openly calling for more severe measures. An event page for the protest promises that there will be various actions to disrupt the celebration.

Are there no depths to which these unscrupulous people will not sink?